1. Something which is movable; an article of wares or goods; a commodity; a piece of property not fixed, or not a part of real estate; generally, in the plural, goods; wares; furniture.


  • [[immovable]]

7 letters in word "movable": A B E L M O V.

No anagrams for movable found in this word list.

Words found within movable:

ab able abo above ae al alb albe ale alme aloe am amble ambo amole amove ave avo ba bael bal bale balm bam be beam bel bema blae blam blame bo boa bola bole boma ea el elm em la lab laevo lam lamb lame lav lave lea leam lev leva levo lo loam loave lob lobe loma lome love ma mabe mae mal male me meal mel mela mo moa mob moble moe mol mola mole move ob oba obe oe ole olea olm om ova oval vae vale veal vela voe vol vola volae vole

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